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The Tahoe Miracle

An all natural body scrub made from dead sea salts sourced from Lake Tahoe, California. Each scrub is made by hand using organic ingredients and captivating scents so that every inch of your skin is silky smooth.


Delicate particles of ancient sea salt exfoliate dead skin cells from hands for a smooth and soft texture. Just one minute per day will leave your hands feeling silky, moisturized and scented with essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus.


Natural oils nourish and moisturize skin for a touchable feel over every inch of your body. Anywhere that you feel dry, scaly skin is the perfect spot to use this miracle product made from exfoliating dead sea salt and nourishing essential oils.


Remove bumps and callouses in just minutes for soft, blemish free feet right from home. The skin on your feet can often be the most difficult to keep smooth and supple, but with Tahoe Miracle you can ensure that callouses and cracked heals are a thing of the past.

Lake Tahoe, California

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Lake Tahoe is one of the most picturesque views in the world. As one of America's natural resources, Tahoe also provides all of the vitamin and mineral rich ingredients used in The Tahoe Miracle. All of the smoothing and healing benefits of our all natural body scrub are sourced from the land and water of Lake Tahoe.

After just one use I could see a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin. I have used the sea salt scrub on my hands, feet, body and now my husband is using as well. This product really is a miracle, my skin is not only smoother but also more moisturized.

Andrea Ryan